Our Mission

As colleges and universities contend with fiscal constraints and an increasing focus on outcomes, it is important that institutions understand what is behind the numbers and what they can do to respond. Altus Advisory Partners has a proven track record of helping clients to identify their critical issues and to develop data-driven solutions for long-term success.

Why choose Altus Advisory Partners?

Altus Advisory Partners serves as an advisor and consultant to colleges and universities, and to the non-profit organizations that serve higher education.

Our mission is to help institutions solve their most pressing issues and to innovate and thrive in a period of unprecedented change in higher education.

We serve our clients best when institutions regard us as partners in approaching the issues they face. We take the time to understand each organization and its unique situation. Our team then seeks to find the best solution to the problems schools face.

We strive to help institutions move from content to context. Our goal is to help our clients improve their outcomes and differentiate themselves from their peers.

A Solid Foundation

  • Our firm has a proven track record of improving student employment outcomes for clients. Altus Advisory Partners serves as a trusted partner and intermediary, bringing together colleges and universities with employers to build long-term relationships that raise student employment outcomes.
  • Altus Advisory Partners maintains a leading edge in technology assessments, as well as social media audits, management and planning for institutions of higher education.
  • Through strategic planning and strategic partnerships, Altus Advisory Partners understands that an integrated strategic planning process is essential for the long-term effectiveness of an institution.
  • Specializing in Board Assessment and Board Development, the importance of the leadership and vision of the institution’s Board cannot be overstated.