Advancing Leadership

The importance of the leadership and vision of the institution’s Board cannot be overstated. Altus Advisory Partners serves as a trusted advisor to the leadership of our client institutions, empowering them with the assessments, tools, and processes to achieve success in their roles.

Full-Spectrum Board Assessments

  • The importance of the leadership and vision of the institution’s Board cannot be overstated.  The best Boards work well with each other, as well as with the institution’s administrators, staff, faculty, and alumni volunteers.  The most effective governance systems create regular assessments of the Board, as well as the President, and tie those assessments to a strategic planning process.
  • We assist institutions in assessing their Boards.  By applying best practice methodologies, and drawing upon our interviews with internal and external stakeholders, we provide a full-spectrum assessment of Board performance.  We pay special attention to the working relationship between the Board chair and the President, as this is a critical element to effective Board governance.

Board Development

  • We work with Boards to help them focus on the institution’s strategy, high-level policies, and critical performance metrics.  We work to improve the institution’s long-term performance by helping Boards, administrators, faculty, staff, and alumni volunteers to understand their roles and areas of responsibility in an effective shared governance system.  Where needed, we can assess the internal structures and processes to improve management, collaboration, and communication.  We provide ongoing education to Board members to help them be as effective as possible in serving the institution’s mission.
  • In order to maintain a strong Board over time, institutions must identify and cultivate future Board members.  We assist institutions in identifying the attributes and characteristics of strong potential Board members.  Working closely with the institution, we can help to identify and recruit potential Board members, as well as to create volunteer programs that will offer opportunities for potential Board members to become more involved with the institution.