Focusing Strategy

The long-term success of an institution is based on the effectiveness of the strategy defined by its leadership and the successful implementation of that strategy. Altus Advisory Partners advises clients in developing their strategies, processes, and partnerships to drive the change required to thrive in a rapidly changing environment for higher education.

Strategic Planning

  • We work with our client to review the mission, vision, and goals of the institution. We study the client’s current situation and include the various client stakeholders to help leadership make decisions about whether to make any updates or revisions. This process can be affirmative of the current direction, or it can lead to transformation, but it always proves to be a powerful exercise in aligning the institution and its stakeholders.
  • Using the updated mission, vision, and goals to guide us, we work with our client to develop a new strategic plan. We create the processes and metrics to measure performance against the stated goals to help the institution implement its plan successfully.

Strategic Partnerships

  • Our firm advises institutions seeking to develop strategic external partnerships with other institutions of higher learning, non-profits, and corporations. We work with the President and Board of our clients to define the goals of the partnership and to identify the criteria for choosing the best strategic partner. Based on that information, we identify the best potential strategic partners. Proper planning is critical to the ultimate success of any partnership.
  • We assist our clients in the implementation process by developing the key success factors for the strategic partnership. Our efforts help to facilitate a strong working relationship between the partners, and ensure the early, and ongoing, success of the strategic partnership.