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The leadership at Altus Advisory Partners have extensive experience advising higher education institutions on complex financial matters. We advise our clients and help them to achieve the most favorable outcome for their situation. Our principals have created an analytic process and framework for institutions to assess their financial risks and identify their options.

Our process is designed to work closely with the various constituencies of the institution to understand the situation and dynamics, and then to work collaboratively to develop a solution that best serves the needs of the institution.

Strategic Relationships

Our partners have experience assisting higher education clients in developing strategic alliances with higher education institutions, as well as outside organizations. Experience developing strategic alliances have included: creating strategic partnerships with other higher education institutions to offer more academic opportunities for students; aligning an institution with the major regional employers to ensure better outcomes for students; and partnering with foundations and outside organizations to further certain institutional goals.

Institutional Partnerships

Our partners have experience serving colleges and universities with a range of institutional partnerships, including mergers. We assist institutions in assessing their options, given their current financial and operational situation. Based on the outcome of that assessment, we assist the institution by developing a target list of potential partners. We conduct a confidential, highly targeted process that can lead to several outcomes including merger or acquisition, institutional partnership, or a services/consortial arrangement. Our knowledge, experience, and relationships in higher education allow us to run customized, efficient, and directed M&A processes for our clients.

Financial Advisory

Our team has reviewed, analyzed, assessed, and opined on financial plans for our clients. As financial advisors, we need to be fully informed of the financial condition of our clients and have an in-depth understanding of each client’s historic financial performance, the variables that impacted those results, how the results compared to the budget/expectations, the construction, assumptions and underpinnings supporting their financial model, as well as market and other factors that could impact future results. In most cases where we offer prescriptive recommendations, our clients accept our advice and act on it accordingly.

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